Experience the Leon Family Gallery at the Simon Family JCC as never before! From Yoni Alter’s pop art styled city skylines to the social media juggernaut Humans of Tel Aviv, this year’s vibrant line-up of art and photography exhibits allow self-guided tours to explore how art and community intersect.


All exhibits are free and open to the public, allowing the community access to collections featuring a variety of mediums that represent Israeli and Jewish artists. There’s a different artist each month, so make sure to visit often!

This Month



Hillel Smith

Parsha Posters

February 2019

Hillel Smith is an artist and graphic designer reimagining the potential of Judaica by utilizing contemporary media, creating new manifestations of traditional forms. Smith has painted dynamic Jewish murals around the world, and his myriad of physical and digital projects encourage creative reconsideration of religious practice, and art-making as a tool for cultural connection.


The Parsha Posters project contains 54 illustrations that embody the emotions and characters of the parshat hashavua (weekly Torah portion). Each poster cleverly integrates the Hebrew name of the parsha into its design creating a contemporary visual language. The series, printed in vibrant color is presented alongside the original translation of the biblical verses it portrays.


When viewed together, these images offer a cutting-edge vision of engagement with the Torah acting as a window to fresh understanding of our sacred text, a starting point for creative approaches to Torah learning, and proof of the potential of Jewish tradition to remain relevant and compelling today.


Join Hillel Smith on Tuesday, February 12 at 12:00 PM on the Reba and Sam Sandler Family Campus for lunch and a gallery tour. For more information and to register click here.


All 54 posters will be on display in the Leon Family Gallery at the Simon Family JCC during the month of February. Parsha Posters the book and all posters can be purchased at the JCC Desk.

For more information on the Leon Family Gallery, please contact Callah Terkeltaub, Arts + Ideas Manager, at 757-321-2331 or cterkeltaub@ujft.org.