26 2023

THE LEVYS OF MONTICELLO: 30th Annual Virginia Festival of Jewish Film

2:30PM - 4:30PM  

The Samuel C. Johnson Theater at Norfolk Academy 1585 Wesleyan Drive
Norfolk, VA

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$ Cost $ 12.00


Di­rected by Steven Press­man · 2022 · United States · Eng­lish · 100 Min­utes

Includes a conversation with members of the film's creative team and Vice-Admiral Herman A. Shelanski, US Navy (ret.)


Tickets: $12

Limited seating, pre-purchase strongly suggested.


When President Thomas Jefferson died in 1826, he left behind a mountain of personal debt, forcing his heirs to auction off most of his possessions and sell off his iconic home, Monticello. In 1834, Monticello was purchased by Captain Uriah P. Levy, the first Jewish commodore to serve in the US Navy. A deep admirer of Jefferson’s scholarship and dedication to religious liberty, Levy and his family would go on to own Monticello for nearly a century – far longer than Jefferson and his descendants.


This remarkable documentary uncovers the incredible legacy of the Levy Family while confronting the racism and antisemitism that remain part of the narrative surrounding the national landmark.

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