24 2022

Virginia Festival of Jewish Film

7:30PM - 10:00PM  

Cinema Cafe Kemps River 1220 Fordham Drive
Virginia Beach,



29th Annual Virginia Festival of Jewish Film 

Presented by Alma & Howard Laderberg



Un Cielo Stellato Sopra Il Ghetto Di Roma 


Thursday, February 24

7:30 PM

Cinema Café Kemps River

1220 Fordham Drive

Virginia Beach


Tickets: $12


Limited seating, pre-purchase strongly suggested.
Join us in the theater or watch at home, LIVE!


Director Giulio Base | 100 min

Italy | 2020

Italian with English Subtitles | Not Rated


Led by a talented ensemble of young actors, this inspirational interfaith story is a reminder of the importance of memory, coexistence and resolving generational friction. When teenaged Sofia finds a wartime photo of a Jewish child hidden in an old suitcase, she enlists the help of a group of students from Rome’s Jewish community to discover the fate of this person. Her quest will have life-changing consequences as she discovers the truth about the child’s history, as well as that of her own family. The film offers a refreshing look at history through the eyes of a new generation.