The United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s (UJFT) Young Leadership Institute for Leadership Development. Hineni is a Jewish values-based innovative Fellowship designed to give the most promising young volunteers the insight and skills that will help them in their personal and professional lives, and empower them to lead the Jewish community into the future.


Hineni encourages reflection on Jewish values and social justice, personal roles and commitments, the call to heal the world (Tikkun Olam) and Tzedakah. As a leadership and philanthropic development initiative, Hineni engages highly dedicated individuals who embody the values of humility, authenticity, and integrity.


Hineni’s focus is to provide tools for participants to better themselves and their capacity as leaders through continued learning, reflection, and action – making the world a better place. Program graduates will have the opportunity to participate in the heavily subsidized exclusive week-long Tom Hofheimer Young Leadership Mission to Israel in June 2020. The Mission is funded with generous support from the Tom Hofheimer Fund of the Tidewater Jewish Foundation.


Hineni is an intensive program designed for individuals or couples who are passionate and have the ability and interest to dedicate a few hours each month toward their own learning and development, as well as their role within the Tidewater Jewish community.


During the second year of the program, Hineni members will engage with community leaders and the entire Hineni alumni network, during member events, and exclusive, subsidized mission to Israel.


Upon completion, graduates will have the skills and knowledge necessary to create new opportunities and address the challenges we face as a Jewish community in North America. This highly exclusive program relies on a strong partnership and commitment between its participants and UJFT.

Hineni is designed for passionate, committed, and driven individuals – ranging 22-39 years old. In addition to being nominated by a UJFT professional, Hineni Alumni, or a community leader, applicants must fill out an application stating why they want to participate in this program. All potential applicants should:
• Demonstrate leadership or potential for leadership in the Tidewater Jewish community and be eager for future growth
• Commit to making a difference through active leadership roles in the Tidewater Jewish community
• Embody the Jewish values of Tzedakah, Tikkun Olam, and Klal Yisrael
• Make a minimum gift of $500 to the UJFT Annual Campaign in their first year, with meaningful increases each year thereafter
• Commit to the time necessary to energetically participate in the experiences and opportunities offered by Hineni.


For more information, contact Barb Gelb at 757-965-6105 or