Women's Division

Women's Division provides a vehicle through which women can collectively promote, enhance, and celebrate Jewish life. This group works to strengthen the community while demonstrating the impact a woman can make by voicing her support through an individual gift to the Federation’s Annual Campaign.


Women have traditionally served in volunteer roles as activists and caregivers. Only recently have they begun to view themselves as philanthropists with the power to shape the future of the Jewish community. Statistics tell us that the next decade will witness a great shift of wealth to the women of the Jewish community. Recognizing that eventuality, UJFT has long encouraged women donors to deepen their understanding of community priorities and to embrace their individual philanthropy. Women have begun to and will continue to play an increasing role in the complex and often difficult decisions about how to fund the institutions that we love and that our community needs.


466 Individual Pledges. Represents a 7.3% increase card for card (from the same group of donors in 2021)

Lion of Judah

Lion of Judah is a campaign division for women who make an individual gift of $5,000 or more to the Annual Campaign of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater. The Lion of Judah is an internationally recognized level of women’s leadership giving in the Federation system!


Lions of Judah can endow their gifts to benefit the community in perpetuity through the LOJE Program. This year (2019) will be the 20th anniversary of the LOJE, and we are looking forward to special events and promotions to increase the number of Tidewater LOJE’s.


The Tikva Society

The Tikva Society is unique to women’s philanthropy in Tidewater. Created during the 2012 campaign as a milestone level of giving in the women’s division, a Tikva donor is one who makes an individual annual campaign commitment between $3,600 and $4,999 to United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.


The Chai Division

The Chai Division is a campaign division for women who give a gift of $1,800-$4,999 to the Annual Campaign. The Chai (or in some communities, Pomegranate) Division is a nationally recognized level of women’s leadership giving in the Federation system.


Golda Giver

The Golda Meier level of giving (a.k.a. Golda Giver) is the newest milestone level of giving in UJFT’s Women’s Campaign. Established by UJFT’s Women’s Campaign in 2015, Golda Givers are those who make individual commitments of between $1,000 and $1,799 to the UJFT Annual Campaign. Golda Givers receive a beautiful hand-crafted mezuzah case by Israeli artist Yair Emanuel as a gift of appreciation as they achieve this level of giving.

Outreach to Jewish Women in Tidewater

UJFT’s Women’s Campaign offers several outreach and engagement events throughout the year, which are open to all women in the Jewish community. Events range from cooking demonstrations to workshops with Israeli artists, to guest lecturers, to Women’s Seders. Please Join us!  


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For more information, contact Amy Zelenka, Campaign Director, at 757-965-6139 or azelenka@ujft.org.