Young Adult Division

Live. Give. Lead.

Looking for a way to connect with other local Jewish young adults in an inclusive environment? We welcome you to join the Young Adult Division (YAD) of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater. YAD fosters Jewish identity, involvement, and responsibility among young Jews in Tidewater in an effort to sustain and enrich the vibrant community here at home, in Israel, and around the world.

Through educational, social, cultural, and philanthropic programming, YAD strives to connect young adults to their Jewish roots today while preparing for a Jewish tomorrow.

YAD is for singles, couples, and young families! We’d love to get to know you and introduce you to our YAD family.

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Interested in joining us? Join us today by filling out the online form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Get involved in YAD! Become an active participant in our Young Adult Division and meet other young professionals who share common values and interests. Whether you are single, a couple, or a young family, YAD has a place for you!


  • Happy Hours
  • Girls Night Out/Guys Night Out
  • Community Shabbat Dinners
  • Saturday Night Socials
  • Signature Events

Looking for Volunteer Opportunities? We’ve got you covered!

Get to know other YADians and make a difference by giving back through Hands on Tidewater (HoT). We volunteer for several events around the area, and although the commitments are short-term, the lasting impact we leave on those we've helped, as well as ourselves, helps accomplish Tikkun Olam.

 As UJFT continues to follow the values of Klal Yisrael and Tzedekah, we have made some significant impacts around the world! Following are just some of the successes the Tidewater community has made in the last year:


Provided scholarships for Tidewater students at the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater

Helped Hillel’s at Virginia universities and colleges combat anti-Semitism

Funded the staff at Neve Michael Children’s Village in Israel


You have the power to do it! The YAD generation has the opportunity to make the largest impact on the future of our Jewish community. Get involved today and start making a difference! Show your commitment and make a gift to the Young Leadership Campaign (YLC). 

$56,395 raised

Young Leadership 2022 Campaign Status (as of MARCH 23, 2022)

102 Individual Pledges. Representing a 19.1% increase card for card (from the same group of donors in 2021)


The YLC has three special donor societies:


YAD donors giving between $118 - $364

Power of One Society

YAD donors giving between $365 - $999

Ben Gurion Society

YAD donors giving $1,000 or more

Every gift to YLC, regardless of the amount, benefits UJFT’s Annual Campaign.


YAD encourages the next generation to impact, improve, and lead our Jewish community. We facilitate events and workshops based on the philosophies of our Jewish roots while incorporating innovative ideas of today’s young adults. We believe in embracing our customs and beliefs of our people while taking advantage of opportunities ahead to ensure a Jewish tomorrow.

YAD Leadership Programs

Rishon, a group of young adults invited to learn about our community’s agencies, develop leadership skills, and help plan and run Super Sunday. Rishon, first in Hebrew, is YAD’s first level of leadership development and is a pre-requisite for membership on the YAD Cabinet and other leadership groups and programs.

YAD Cabinet, committed leaders planning and leading the community’s young adult outreach and fundraising efforts. Interested in helping with a YAD event or program? Contact us.

HINENI, a Jewish values-based innovative Fellowship designed to give the most promising young volunteers the insight and skills that will help them in their personal and professional lives, and empower them to lead the Jewish community into the future. HINENI is by invitation only, and concludes with a special mission to Israel.

2019-2020 Young Adult Division Cabinet Members

Jennifer Groves
Bern Glasser
Danielle Danzing
Robyn Sidersky
Matt Kantro

Jasmine Amitay
Seth White
Eitan Altschuler
Rabbi Levi Brashevitzky
Tal Feldman-Sifen
David Calliott

Amie Harrell
Andrea Karelitz
Joe Ruthenberg
Jillian Sachs
Eliot Weisntein

For more information, contact Matthew Kramer-Morning, Young Leadership Campaign Manager, at 757-965-6136 or