PJ Library is a Jewish family engagement program implemented on a level throughout North America as a part of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. With the support of philanthropist and local Jewish organizations, we are able to mail free, high-quality Jewish children’s literature and music to families across the content. Click here to learn more! 


With the support of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater and the Simon Family Foundation, more family resources can be found on the PJ Library resource page for quarantined families. You can find them here.

Get ready to make some noise! Making a guitar from home has never been easier, and the best part is that you can make it from materials that you already have! Don't forget to share pics of your guitar with us using the hashtag #PJinTidewater. Click here.


Have you heard that kids learn through play? Here's a twist for the current learning at home climate: games that keep kids learning.

Exploring nature doesn't have to happen only on Earth Day. Here is how you can make a beautiful mandala made from all of the amazing things nature has to offer

  • Collect as many materials as you can find, looking for different shapes, colors, and textures
  • Find an open space to create your mandala
  • Begin with a small circle
  • Think about what pattern you want inside each circle and keep adding circles in ever increasing sizes until you run out of materials!

Family-friendly story podcasts on PJ Library's LISTEN. You'll find family-friendly story podcasts, sleepytime tunes, holiday playlists, dance mixes, read-alouds, sing-alongs – something for everyone with new featured content each month. Click here to listen.

Celebrate Israel by making your own Hummus In-A-Bag! This is a great sensory activity that the whole family, and even the pickiest eaters, will enjoy!

Earth Day may have been April 22, but EVERY DAY is a good day to think about wildlife conservation. Israeli photographer, Roie Galitz, has dedicated his life to photographing endangered species to help raise awareness. Spend some time today looking at his incredible photos! What is your favorite?

Did Passover sneak up on you this year? Don't worry! We have everything that you need for a quick plan, from activities to haggadot.

Shira Kline wants to help you with your Passover Seder! She takes us through the order of the seder step-by-step in these short, engaging Youtube videos. You can find the whole playlist here.

Learn to dance with PJ Library!

Once you master your new moves, post on social media using the hashtag #PJinTidewater so that we can all dance together! 

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go." - Dr. Seuss

The worlds found between the pages of a good book are endless. To help keep you from "getting lost," mark your page with a unique bookmark out of recycled paper! The perfect activity for a rainy day.

Share your creations with us on Facebook using the hashtag below.



Just because we can't go to the zoo doesn't mean that we can't enjoy a day with the animals!

Take a peek into the sanctuaries of some of your favorite animals who calls the Pittsburgh Zoo their home.


We hope that everyone had a relaxing Shabbat!

Havdalah, the religious ceremony that makes the symbolic end of Shabbat and ushers in the new week, requires all five senses: feel the cup of wine, smell the spices, see the flame of the candle, hear the blessings and songs and taste the wine (or grape juice!)

Here's a fun way to teach your little ones about the 5 senses!

Enjoy this read-aloud of "Saturdays Are Special" by Chris Barash.

Shabbat Shalom!


Here is an activity the whole family can do to make the mitzvah of lighting the Shabbat candles extra special tonight. In place of enamel paint, you can use nail polish!

Then join us in lighting up the night by posting pictures of your Shabbat candles, or any candles, using the hashtags below. Let's see the beauty, hope, and optimism shine through our newsfeeds, our homes, and our communities. #LightTheNight


Enjoy this read-aloud of "Saturdays Are Special" by Chris Barash.


Shabbat Shalom!

Happy spring everyone!


Today we will be going on an outdoor adventure in your backyard or neighborhood! Take the kids out to explore the nature around you with intention. Take a close look and notice all of the different kinds of trees, flowers, and animals you see. Nature is an endless pool of textures, colors, and knowledge!


Here you can find more topics for discussion and activities that will bring out the budding scientist in every kid!


Good Night, Lilah Tov - It is something we say to each other before turning off the lights, and is also the title of this sweet little book about a family car trip that turns into an exploration of the natural wonders of the seashore, woods, and fields.

Everyone loves a good bagel, but did you know that bagels were invented by Jewish communities in Eastern Europe in the 17th century? That was 400 years ago! 


Spending time in the kitchen with your family is a great way to spend an hour or two and gives kids the chance to practice math, reading and executive functioning skills! Try making this simple bagel recipe with your kids this week. 


Do you have a favorite bagel topping or another recipe that you love to make with your kids? Share it with the community on our PJ Library in Tidewater Facebook Page!


Enjoy this read-aloud of a PJ Library favorite, Bagels From Benny while you are waiting for your bagels to bake.

Today we will be exploring the endless world of engineering and "TECH"-un Olam (fixing the world) with The Windy City Tower Challenge!  

You can find all of the materials and instructions in this link. If you don't have a metal washer, get creative! A coin or two taped together could work!

Visit our PJ Library in Tidewater Facebook page to post pictures or videos of your engineering experiment! We look forward to seeing what STEAMy solution you come up with!

At the end of today, everyone may need a little story about kindness. Today, Todd Parr reads us his book, The Kindness Book. Click here to view video.

How much do you know about the Jewish concept of tzedakahClick here to take the quiz.