Mission & Values

United Jewish Federation of Tidewater strengthens and perpetuates Jewish life. As a leader and facilitator of collective action, we develop human and financial resources to meet the evolving and vital issues of our world-wide community, partnering with local, national, and global organizations.


We allocate resources to assist Jewish agencies that provide healthcare, social services, education, and aid organizations that improve human relations and provide Jewish cultural programs. We care for those in need, rescue Jews in danger, enhance Jewish security, and champion the State of Israel. By accepting responsibility for one another, we improve the world with acts of righteous giving and social justice. 


Our Vision

United Jewish Federation of Tidewater nurtures a vibrant, engaged, inclusive, and caring Jewish community whose collective action is guided by our values.

In fulfilling our mission and vision we are guided by:


Our Values

  • Klal Yisrael:  We are one People, responsible for one another.
  • Tzedakah:  We have an obligation to share our resources with our fellow human beings.
  • Tikkun Olam:  We are to actively participate in repairing the world.
  • Gemilut Chasadim: We have a responsibility to perform acts of loving kindness.
  • Torah:  We are committed to lifelong Jewish learning.


Improving lives, inspiring Jewish journeys, and fulfilling our values is accomplished through our commitment to:

  • Respecting the individual and different expressions of Judaism and Jewish life.
  • Welcoming interfaith and other forms of non-traditional Jewish families.  
  • Promoting intergroup understanding, religious freedom, and tolerance.
  • Developing and nurturing superlative lay leaders and staff.
  • Maintaining a standard of excellence and transparency in fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Cultivating collaborative planning and collective action.

Our Goals

  • Foster a sense of pride in our Jewish heritage, here at home and with our family around the world.
  • Living with dignity, from Tidewater to Eastern Europe, Israel and around the world, we make a difference by helping support and enrich lives through our commitment to Judaism.
  • The work of Federation represents both our community and our community's most generous tradition: to give to others, even in the most difficult times.