It's election season again, and this time, the state elections are taking center stage.

By Drew Goodove, JCRC Summer 2023 intern and Duke University Freshman


All seats in the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate are up for grabs on Tuesday, November 7. With so many vital issues on the horizon, the Jewish Community Relations Council of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater reached out to the candidates with four questions of importance to the Jewish community. The questions encompass various topics, from strategies to combat antisemitism to exploring avenues for integrating Israeli companies into the Virginia economy. All responses to each question are published below in our 2023 Voters Guide.


Whether you want to cast your ballot early or on Election Day, take the time to find out which district is yours, which candidates are running, and where and how to cast your ballot, visit Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP).


We hope this Voter's Guide serves as a valuable resource in assisting you to make an informed choice this election. Since our country’s founding, the Jewish community has advocated for a robust democracy that reflects the people’s wishes while safeguarding the rights of both individuals and minority groups.


As the Union for Reform Judaism’s Rabbi Dara Lithwick shared,

Judaism teaches us that voting is not just a civic duty. In fact, throughout Jewish history, many of our rabbis and sages have framed voting as a mitzvah, a Jewish imperative.

 Be sure to perform this mitzvah and cast your vote on or before November 7.


The JCRC of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater does not make political endorsements. This guide is for educational purposes only.



Contact Robin Mancoll, Senior Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of the UJFT, at or (757)965-6120.