We offer a number of prominent positions to place your business or brand in front of our educated, highly-engaged community. From in-person events, to our print titles & targeted electronic newsletters, annual festivals and more!



We strongly believe that engaging, educative programming is the best way to involve a diverse community within the Tidewater Federation.

Whether it’s our Lee and Bernard Jaffe Family Jewish Book or our Virginia Festival of Jewish Film Presented by Alma & Howard Laderberg, Konikoff Center For Learning, Israel Fest presented by Avraham and Karen Ashkenazi, our community shows up to learn, share, and elevate the conversation. This is a prime audience and opportunity to cast a light on your business or organization.


Examples of placement for your brand, as a Patron of the Arts sponsor:


Printed materials and invitations to author readings and film festival screenings, & meet and greets


Digital signage on materials sent before and after both of these events

Israel Today and IsraelFest programming sponsorship

Brand placement on our widely-circulated and read weekly newsletters (reach: 5k/month)

Video “spots” that run before/after live stream and post-event marketing videos

Show sponsorship for a Leon Family Gallery exhibit

Sponsorship across a series of educational initiatives through our Melton or Konikoff Learning programs

Strengthening Communities (Overseas Partners JDC, JAFI, ORT, Missions)





Aligning your business or brand with one of our ongoing event series places you front-of-mind with our highly engaged community? Furthermore, supporting our diverse programs helps insure a strong, informed and inclusive future. 




Patron of the Arts Sponsorship opportunities are available at various levels (with corresponding benefits). Flagship events like the Lee and Bernard Jaffe Family Jewish Book Festival, Virginia Festival of Jewish Film presented by Alma and Howard Laderberg, Community Relations Council's Israel Today, and Israel Fest presented by Avraham & Karen Ashkenazi, are some of the ways that you can support Jewish arts and cultural programs in the commnuity. Other ways include — rotating exhibits in the Leon Family Art Gallery; specialty art classes; and various individual speakers and activities. If you would like to support arts and cultural programming in our community (either an individual program, or as a collection of programs and activities), we will work with you to find the right partnership. 




"This is the story of a people which was scattered over all the world, and yet remained a single family, a nation which time and again was doomed to destruction, and yet, out of the ruins, rose to new life."   –  Abba Kovner


Sponsoring UJFT is more than goodwill — it’s good business. As a sponsor, you’ll enjoy high visibility with informed and active constituents and influences across Tidewater.


With dozens of programs, in person events, digital and print placements, or educational opportunities, we've got something for your brand. To have a conversation about what may be a great fit for you contact Amy Zelenka at 757-965-6139 or AZelenka@UJFT.org.





Contact Heather Nevins, Development Manager at HNevins@UJFT.org​ or (757)452-6925.