About Israel


Israel is a thriving, vibrant and innovative society, home to over eight million citizens from diverse ethnic, religious, cultural, and social backgrounds.


In the face of the country’s scarce natural resources, the ingenuity of its people stands out as Israel's most precious resource. Massive investment in education has resulted in a highly educated population, which has played a critical role in fostering an education system that has helped propel the country into rapid growth. With the creativity and determination of its workforce, and adaptive policies to stimulate innovation, Israel has created a marketplace that is robust, open, and highly integrated. 


A country that emerged from the desert sands with no natural resources, Israel has managed to beat the odds and become an unprecedented global leader in innovation. Israel's entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in its history of overcoming obstacles, and determined to push the boundaries of what is considered possible. Today, the country is home to myriad of pioneering startups, backed by robust public-sector support. Always striving to live life to its fullest, Israelis work hard, but they also play hard. It's a regular sight to see cafés, bars, and restaurants packed with people even at midnight on a weekday.

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