with Israeli friends Maya & Naomi!



Israel Club has evolved! 


Our shinshinim Maya and Naomi are bringing their love and knowledge of all-things-Israel directly to your home.
As a host, you provide snacks, a comfortable space, and a minimum of 6 kids. Maya & Naomi will bring games, recipes, music, crafts and more! 



Bringing Israel into your home


In the Simon Family JCC’s Israel Connection Club, we discover what Israel’s unique geography is like, talk about (and taste!) the wonderful foods of Israel, see images and learn about the wildlife there, and of course discuss some of Israel’s rich history.


The class is lead by our visiting ShinShinim, Naomi Friedland and Maya Ostrov, who are Israeli born citizens. They are excited to meet you and bring Israel to life for everyone!


Multiple event topics are available to choose from, such as 

  • Israeli Food: Making an Israeli meal! Falafel and Israeli salad. And for desert- the beloved Israeli pastry- Rugalach! We will learn about the Israeli food culture.
  • Israeli Inventions: Learning about all the important Israeli inventions. The kids will think about a new invention and experience the process of team work and creativity leading to a product!
  • Israeli Music and Dancing: Learning about Israeli songs and music from all times! Maya and Naomi will teach Israeli dancing and talk about the different styles and eras of Israeli music.
  • Israeli Nature: Learning about animals and plants from Israel using fun games and activities like “Memory game” and more! Talking and learning about the differences between the Northern area and the Southern area of Israel.
  • Israeli Childhood Games: Play Israeli games with Maya and Naomi! Para Iveret, Three sticks, Tifsuni (catch me if you can), Aquaqua and more!
  • Israeli History: Learning about all the time periods in Israel through an escape room activity!
  • Israeli Science: Learning about Israeli Scientists. Together we will do fun experiments.
  • Israeli Art: Learning about famous Israeli artists! Making “Hamsas” from Pulp and paper.


Through fun and engaging discussions, games and crafts, we will enhance our knowledge of all-things-Israel, together, in a really fun environment surrounded by new and old friends!


Israel Connection Club is held on Sundays at 5pm and Thursdays at 6pm. Choose your dates, or series of dates below.




Contact Norfar Trem, at NTrem@UJFT.org or (757) 321-2334.