The UJFT's Young Adult Division carries the torch of leadership from this generation to the next. In essence, these young community and business leaders are taking cues from those who came before and forging new paths to a bright Jewish future. And we have no shortage of fun in the process.



New to the Hampton Roads - Tidewater, Virginia, area? 

We’re a rather social, welcoming group of young Jewish professionals who work & play hard, while forging strong friendships. We foster Jewish identity and involvement with our diverse community, while also taking responsibility to “repair the world.” Many of our events have a philanthropic aspect to it, as we thrive to create a better world — both at home in Tidewater — as well as around the globe.

Our Young Adult Division community meets regularly for happy hour, lunches, Girls/Guys Nights Out, beach parties, kayaking and hiking jaunts, sporting events, volunteer opportunities, charity happenings and more. We firmly believe in affirming great friendships within our community in order to insure a strong Jewish tomorrow. 


YAD is idyllic for singles, couples (including mixed-faith), young families, and entrepreneurs. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to see more and join our community online




You are invited to join us for Pop-Up Shabbat!

Whether you're someone that loves to host a meal, or a guest that is looking to meet new friends, join one of our upcoming Shabbat dinners and kick off the weekend among great company. We invite all Young Adults to share, toast, taste, and schmooze with us. All you have to do is sign up and we'll match guests with hosts. 




Join the growing number of community members who make their impact to the Annual Campaign through monthly giving! Did you know that thanks to people like you, UJFT is able to maintain essential support for our agencies in both Tidewater and abroad throughout the year? When crisis hits, whether at home or around the world, your monthly gift creates a reliable source of funding for UJFT – and the partners who depend on your investment.

We follow the values of Klal Israel and Tzedekah to make significant impacts around the world — and here at home. The YAD generation has the opportunity to make the largest impact on the future of our Jewish community.


Every one of our gifts, regardless of size, contributes significantly to our Jewish community. The act of giving a gift as well as helping to solicit one secures a vibrant Jewish future. All of these pledges to our Annual Campaign benefit the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, and are allocated by our senior steering committee.




as Young Leadership's contribution to the 2023 Campaign to date (as of April 24, 2023)



from the same group of donors in 2022


Every one of our pledges, regardless of size, contributes significantly to our Jewish community. The act of giving a gift as well as helping to solicit one secures a vibrant Jewish future. We spotlight three levels of gifts. All of these pledges to our Annual Campaign benefit the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, and are allocated by our senior steering committee. 


We thank all of our young donors, and give special recognition to young adults who give at the following levels to our Annual Campaign!


YAD donors who give between $118 - $364


YAD donors who give between $365 - $999


YAD donors who give over $1,000




Young Adults in Tidewater are invited to be a part of our Giving Circles. Members of both NADIV (Young men) and ADIRA (our Young Women’s Giving Circle) raise money and collectively direct those funds to programs and partners that strengthen the UJFT mission.


Each year our Giving Circles explore community, philanthropy, and directly impact causes that are meaningful to them, while growing with the group through social, professional, and communal opportunities throughout the year.


Our recent work has included assisting regional colleges and universities combat antisemitism, funding for a local children’s hospital, aiding organizations that focus on special needs for students and children, and raising scholarship monies for students to attend Strelitz International Academy.


Membership Donations to participate in the giving circles are just $54 dollars, and when supplemented with fundraisers throughout the year (most notably the March Madness Bracket Challenge) allow the programs to raise and allocate over $10,000 each year for our community!



Nadiv, which means “generosity” in Hebrew, is the Young Adult Division’s giving circle for young professional men who want to give back to the Jewish community. The group offers monthly opportunities to network and hear from speakers on business and current events. The Nadiv brotherhood fosters wise career mentorship while allowing participants the opportunity to make a difference within the greater community.

Our Women’s giving circle meets throughout the year and offers opportunities for young women to network, grow, and empower members to be active leaders in our community’s philanthropy.











This dedicated group meet periodically to discuss our community’s agencies, and how we can improve them. We lead efforts in planning Super Sunday, the Fall-time Annual Campaign that sets the tone for the year in fundraising for the Federation. This volunteer effort is a pre-requisite for those interested in joining the YAD Cabinet.




A committed group of young leaders who plan the year’s social and civic activities, locations, outreach, and fundraising efforts. The cabinet manages YADs social media channels and messaging, and hopes to attract a like-minded and active base of Jews doing great things throughout Tidewater.




Our Jewish values- based fellowship designed to give promising young leaders to skills and tools to stand at the front of their community. This strengthens business acumen, but also improves personal lives, and a connection to fellow leaders. Hineni fellows are vetted and invited to join the annual cohort, which concludes with a special group excursion to Israel.





Photo by Mark Robbins for the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater

100 Years Later: A Cemetery Clean-Up Inspires a Gathering of Givers


The week leading up to Halloween this year offered a string of impossibly beautiful, crisp, and quintessentially autumnal days. Here in Tidewater — the coastal region of eastern Virginia — we benefit from a late fall compared to neighboring states to the north. Some of our friends due south are downright tropical. You might say the weather here is near perfect this time of year.


Those of us gathered on this beautiful day at the Mikro Kodesh cemetery in Chesapeake pondered whether this may have been the reason a group of orthodox Jewish settlers landed here, of all places, in the mid-1800s. Directly across the river from Norfolk, it is alleged that our nation’s first president considered THIS spot for our first capital... Read more at LinkedIn




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