Our Synagogues

The facilitation and development of a sense of community and connection among the diverse Jewish population of Tidewater continues to be of the utmost importance to the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater. Initiatives such as the Tidewater Synagogue Leadership Council, the Federation-Synagogue Grants program, and the annual Tidewater Together series continue to be part of our broader strategy, for the Tidewater Jewish Community to be a welcoming, inspiring, and inclusive community.

Synagogues and Chavurahs

B'nai Israel Congregation
Denomination: Orthodox
B’nai Israel Congregation offers a complete array of programs and services to the entire community, including: morning and evening prayer services daily; adult education classes, a monthly Rosh Chodesh program for women; a varied calendar of social programs; rabbinic counseling, as well as Bar/Bat Mitzvah training.
Address: 420 Spotswood Ave., Norfolk, VA 23517
Phone: 757-627-7358   |   Fax: 757-627-8544
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Chabad Lubavitch of Tidewater
Denomination: Orthodox
Chabad of Tidewater provides religious services and Jewish education. But more importantly, it offers the opportunity to experience firsthand the vitality and relevance of Torah-true Judaism as it is lived today. Participants experience the joy and celebration, the intimacy and compassion, the wisdom and knowledge that
is inherent in Jewish life and learning.
Address: 1920 Colley Ave., Norfolk, VA 23517
Phone: 757-616-0770   |   Fax: 757-616-0772
Email   |   www.chabadoftidewater.com
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The Commodore Uriah P. Levy Chapel
Denomination: Worship services combine elements of Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox
The Commodore Uriah P. Levy Chapel is the oldest Land- Based Military Jewish Chapel in the Continental United States. Opened as the Jewish Chapel at Naval Station in 1942, the chapel was dedicated to Commodore U. P. Levy for his achievements as the First Jewish Commodore (in George Washington's Navy) and his dedication to the abolishment of flogging as punishment. First dedication on December 9, 1959. The Levy Chapel is a focal point of Jewish life for sailors, their dependents, reservists, retirees, civil servants, and ANY service member of the Armed Forces. (all branches)
Address: Norfolk Naval Station, 1530 Gilbert St., Norfolk, VA 23511
Phone: 757-444-7361   |   Email
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Congregation Beth Chaverim
Denomination: Reform
Beth Chaverim, the only reform congregation of Virginia Beach. Our congregation encourages participation by all members of our diverse family of singles, young families and seniors. Interfaith couples/families are always welcome.
Mailing Address: PO Box 56168, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Meeting at Temple Emanuel at the Beach, Friday Night Services 7 PM
Phone: 757-477-3585  
Email   |   www.bethchaverim.com  
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Congregation Beth El
Denomination: Conservative
Beth El is Norfolk’s oldest Conservative synagogue. The religious program includes daily morning and evening services. Weekly Shabbat morning worship services are both traditional and participatory, and are followed by a Kiddush luncheon for the congregation that is prepared in Beth El’s supervised Kosher kitchen
Address: 422 Shirley Ave., Norfolk, VA 23517
Phone: 757-625-7821    |   Fax: 757-627-4905
Email   |   www.bethelnorfolk.com
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Kempsville Conservative Synagogue (Kehillat Bet Hamidrash)
Denomination: Conservative
Located in the Kempsville section of Virginia Beach, we are centrally located in the Tidewater area. Traditional yet egalitarian in its approach to Judaism, weekly Shabbat services are warm and welcoming. Members take an active part in all facets of the synagogue, from leading services to planting trees! Kehillat Bet Hamidrash (KBH) is proud of its programming partnership with Norfolk synagogue Temple Israel, sharing spiritual, education, and social experiences with them for 13 years.  Kempsville Conservative Synagogue/KBH is a member congregation of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.
Address: 952 Indian Lakes Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Phone: 757-495-8510
Email   |   www.kbhsynagogue.org
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Ohef Sholom Temple
Denomination: Reform
Ohef Sholom Temple, founded in 1844, is the largest and oldest Reform congregation in Tidewater. The Temple is committed to welcoming all, including interfaith families and couples.  Non-members are cordially invited to attend the Temple’s regularly scheduled Friday night and Saturday morning services. The Temple offers an array of educational classes and social opportunities.  Religious education begins with three year olds and goes through Confirmation; Hebrew School begins in third grade.
Address: 530 Raleigh Ave., Norfolk, VA 23507
Phone: 757-625-4295   |   Fax: -757-625-3762
Email   |   www.ohefsholom.org
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Rodef Sholom Temple
Denomination: Conservative
A warm, welcoming congregation, Rodef Sholom Temple (RST) is steeped in the rich traditions of Conservative Judaism offering a wide variety of spiritual, educational, cultural, and social programs. Our services are egalitarian and participatory. All members have the opportunity to read Torah, lead services, and receive Aliyot. RST celebrates its Centennial in 2013.
Address: 401 City Center Blvd., Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-826-5894   |  Fax: 757-826-5896
Email   |   www.rodefsholomtemple.org

Temple Emanuel
Denomination: Conservative
Temple Emanuel is a Conservative Jewish congregation where all are welcome!  We are located just four blocks from the ocean front in Virginia Beach, VA. We offer weekly worship services, a religious school, as well as other educational and cultural programming for all ages.
Address: 424 25th St., Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone: 757-428-2591   |   Email
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Temple Israel
Denomination: Conservative/Masorti
Founded in 1953, and affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, Temple Israel is an egalitarian, multi-racial, full-service Conservative synagogue with morning and evening minyan, traditional worship on Shabbat and on all festival days. We also have creative services and religious programs on a monthly basis, including a women's group, "Kol Ishah" ("a woman's voice"). Our congregation stresses life-long Jewish education, with programs for children, teens and adults. We also seek to foster a regular commitment to performing deeds of loving-kindness, with a charity-oriented "mitzvah of the month" reaching out to address the needs of the Jewish and general communities, alike. We welcome both those seeking a traditional worship experience in a warm community atmosphere and those seeking to learn about Judaism as a faith of choice. For those in learning mode, our website offers audio files of worship melodies and chanted prayers.
Address: 7255 Granby St., Norfolk, VA 23505
Phone: 757-489-4550   |   Fax: 757-489-3425
Email   |   www.templeisraelva.org
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Temple Sinai
Denomination: Reform
Temple Sinai is the Reform Jewish congregation of Virginia's Tidewater Peninsula with an active congregation seeking joy and meaning inside Jewish traditions.
Address: 11620 Warwick Blvd., Newport News, Virginia 23601
Phone: 757-596-8352
Email   |   www.templesinai-nn.org
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The Tidewater Chavurah
Denomination: Reform
The Tidewater Chavurah, an independent synagogue, was formed in early 1998.  We enjoy exploring all aspects of Judaism and welcome those who are looking for a group of friendly, open-minded people.
Phone: 757-497-8980   |   757-468-2675