Create meaningful Friday nights with friends, both new and old.


YAD's Pop Up Shabbat brings young adults (ages 22-45) together for impactful and memorable Shabbat dinners. 

Would you like to attend a dinner, but don't see a date available?  Hop on the waitlist!



Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is this program designed for?

Young Adults (and their families) in our communities who are either looking to host folks for Shabbat or enjoy Shabbat in someone else's home. While we know that everyone is young at heart, this program is designed for folks 22ish-45ish (and their children).

Do we have to keep Kosher?

No! Whatever your family traditions are, we respect them. Guests let us know of any dietary restrictions, and we pass that information along to our hosts.

How many people can I host?

You can host as many folks as you feel comfortable with and have the space for. We have had Pop Up Shabbats with as few as 2 guests, and as many as 30!

Can I invite my IRL friends?

Absolutely. You can invite existing friends to attend your Shabbat, however, they need to fill out the "Attend a Shabbat" form on this page once you are set up in our system.

Are children welcome?

Whether children attend is at the discretion of the host. Those tables welcoming children are labeled as "Family Friendly."

How often can I host?

You can host as often as once a week!

When should I register to host?

While you can always sign up as far in advance as you like, we recommend that you register your dinner at least 14 days in advance of your event. This allow time for potential guests to see your listing!

Am I reimbursed for Guest expenses?

Yes! Thanks to a generous donation from The Richard S. Glasser Family Foundation, pop-up Shabbat hosts can be reimbursed (when receipts provided) of up to $25 per adult guest, and $10 per child. Contact Elana McGovern for details and reimbursement.

What does it cost to attend as a Guest?

Thanks to a generous donation from The Richard S. Glasser Family Foundation, guests attend pop-up Shabbat at no charge!

I'd love to host, but I can't cook!

Feel free to cater or order in! We encourage you to make your Shabbat your own. Reimbursement standards still apply.





🕯🕯 Why Pop Up Shabbat?

Pop-up Shabbat dinners provide a perfect blend of tradition, community, and modernity - a wonderful way to spend an evening!

✡️ Community Building: Meet and connect with other young Jewish individuals in a warm, inclusive environment.

✡️ Cultural Experience: Enjoy the traditions and rituals of Shabbat in a different setting.

✡️ Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional and social network with like-minded individuals.

✡️ Delicious Food: Savor a delicious Shabbat meal, often featuring homemade or specially curated dishes.

✡️ Relaxation and Reflection: Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate.

✡️ Spiritual Connection: Engage in meaningful conversations and activities that foster a deeper connection to your faith and community.





Pop-Up Shabbat is bought to you by the Richard Glasser Family Foundation and the Young Adult Division (YAD) of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.





Contact Elana McGovern, Director, Young Adult Division, at or (757) 965-6136.